Nodemcu/ESP8266 Based IOT-WIFI Development Board

Our product is designed in developer point of view.It would helpful to the Embedded developers,Hobbyist and student to understand the 

working model of WIFI modules in IOT platforms as well as  user can upload their own program and easily go for new project.

nodemcu esp8266 based wifi development board

WIFI-IOT development board-geek wave solution

IOT hardware bridge -Geek wave solution



  Embedded web server

 Easy Open Source Integrations

  Make your project without coding 

Node-red dashboard using gkwave IoT development board


IoT Dashboard Solution

 Easy integration with IoT dashboard like Node-red

 Control / monitor one or more devices in single window

esp8266 uart wifi bridge - geek wave solution


Now Add WIFI to Any Projects

  Interface with any Micro -Controller using serial port (9600 Baud rate)

 SERIAL TO CLOUD - Serial monitor available in our embedded web server


cloudmqtt - internet of things


Internet Of Things (IoT)

 Compatible with Cloudmqtt Broker

  MQTT Enable/Disable option

 Auto Reconnect

 Free app 

esp8266 uart wifi bridge - geek wave solution


Mobile App 

Free  Android app  for

 Speech Recognition or Voice Recognition

  Voice  to  Text TRY NOW

 Text to Voice  TRY NOW

 IoT MQTT Dashboard TRY NOW

esp8266 module -AP mode

esp8266 STATION mode

WI-FI Modes

AP Mode allows smartphone to access our device WIFI directly,therefore  user can achieve remote control although there is no need of router connection.

In STATION Mode our device and smart phone both are connected to the router .So user can access our device through router.


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Using UART communication port pin out ,

we can send and receive data from any micro controller or sensors like GPS, etc., having TTL port using webpage (Link-CONSOLE PAGE) 

  • Pre- programmed development board- Ready to go 
  • MUlTI - PROJECT in single module -Home automation|Robotics|Serial to WIFI|ADC
  • On board 4-Channel Relay 
  • Easy network configuration
  • Works in AP mode as well as STA mode
  • Uart to wifi communication(baud rate:9600)
  • Automatically find and connect to the available wifi mode(AP/STA) 
  • LED indicator easy to identify the connected mode
  • pin out for all ports of esp8266 module
  • It's a nodemcu adapter type(compatible with all version)
  • Memory backup Saves the last state of Relays-if power has gone.
  • communication through TCP/IP
  • Secured password connection(WPA2 PSK)
  • Upload any custom firmware to the device using micro usb
  • Monitoring Relay operation,assigned IP .. via serial port
  • All components are through hole type it would helpful to beginners for rework

esp8266 uart-serial to wifi

3.3V Interface Diagram

uart esp8266 -serail to wifi -geek wave solution

5V Interface Diagram