WIFI-Home Automation / Development Board

Low cost WiFi based Basic OEM board for Home Automation cum Development board based on ESP8266 module.

wifi development board esp8266


GEEK WAVE SOLUTION introducing the low cost wifi -Home Automation board is based on our day today life requirements in automation system.

This is the Basic module NO NEED OF INTERNET and APP .


  1. Works in any Smart phone, having WIFI and Browser is enough.
  2. Configure both AP (Access Point),STA(Station)mode.
  3. User can control from Mobile , Laptop , Desktop and Tablet.
  4. Multi - users can control the device at a time.
  5. Auto switch over from AP and STA mode.
  6. Easy configuration and Installation. 
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1+   1800   0%
10+   1710   5%
25+   1620   10%
50+   1530   15%
 100+   1350   25%

arduino iot web server

AP Mode 

AP Mode allows smartphone to access our device WIFI directly,therefore  can achieve remote control although there is no need of router connection.

Go to WIFI settings of your Smart phone/Tablet/PC and select the ssid shown below to connect our device.



Default IP: this IP in your browser and go for the control page)

STA Mode 

In STATION Mode our device and smart phone both are connected to the router .So user can access our device through router.


Enter and Save your Router User name and password in Networking configuration page through AP default IP:


Once save our device automatically restart and connected to the STA mode.


To find our device IP go to your router page


Go to LAN tab-IP address which is corresponding to our MAC address of our device.

using this IP address we can access our control page.