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White label solution cum specializing in the design and manufacture of customized products


We provides cutting-edge designing, manufacturing, assembling, Development and ASIC verification and testing worldwide. We provide world class services where PCB plays vital role.

Embedded & Software Development

Developing firmware/software for microcontrollers, microprocessors, and other embedded hardware, Interfacing with hardware components like sensors, actuators, and communication modules.

IoT Solutions

Plug and Play Hardware modules for IoT and Industrial Automation applications


 OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer):
Our company designs and manufactures products based on the specifications provided by our clients. An OEM typically handles the entire manufacturing process, including sourcing the necessary components, assembling the product, and packaging it. The brand/client then markets and sells the finished product under its own name.

 ODM (Original Design Manufacturer): An ODM, on the other hand, not only manufactures products but also takes responsibility for the design and development of the product. In this case, we not only follow the client’s specifications but also contribute to the design process, often providing a complete product design solution.

Let us turn your idea into revenue

PCB Design

PCB design, also known as Printed Circuit Board design, is the process of creating the layout and configuration of a printed circuit board. A PCB is a key component in electronic devices, functioning as a platform for connecting and mounting various electronic components.

Here are the key steps involved in PCB design

PCB design requires expertise in electronics, understanding of circuit design, knowledge of PCB fabrication and assembly processes, and proficiency in using PCB layout software. It is a critical step in the development of electronic devices and plays a crucial role in ensuring reliable and efficient performance.

Solutions By Industry

Home Automation

Agro Automation

Power & Energy

Industrial Automation

Health care


Solution by Technologies



Environmental Sensors

PH sensors ORP Sensors Light Sensors Dissolved Oxygen
Gas Sensors Temperature Water Sensors Nitrate Sensors
CO2 Sensor Humidity Soil Sensors chlorophyll Sensors
Dissolved Oxygen Air Quality TDS Sensors Sludge Sensors

Motion Sensors

PIR Motion detection Proximity sensor
LIDAR Impact Sensor Vibration sensor
Microwave Linear Sensor Accelerometer
RADAR Structural Sensor Gyroscope

Level/Range Sensors

UAV Waterflow sensor
Obstacle sensor LIDAR
Material level RADAR
Liquid level Ultrasonic

Motion Sensors

PIR Motion detection Proximity sensor
LIDAR Impact Sensor Vibration sensor
Microwave Linear Sensor Accelorometer
RADAR Structural Sensor Gyroscope

AC/DC Power Sensors

Voltage Sensor
Current sensor
Power factor

Wireless Solutions

Bluetooth LTE

Recent Projects

IoT- Argo Treatment Unit

IoT – Agro Treatment unit is used for statistics and analysis about the growth rate of plantation for Agriculture Research Institute

RFID Line Monitoring Sytem

RFID and Wireless Line Monitoring System for Leather Products manufacturing unit

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